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Competition Types like art contests,design contests, cute baby contests, and many others, can be easy to find if you're looking for them. The key to finding money that can be made by means of winning contests, is to acknowledge that you do 'indeed' have skills or talents that are unique, and to believe that you can be the winner.

There is a lot of money that can be made from competition types, such as, if you've always enjoyed sketching pictures of the various people you see walking in the park on Saturdays, or if you can sculpt busts that look better than the ones you find at the furniture store, you could enter the art contests that are around.

There are all competition types when it comes to art. Some companies create art competitions to stimulate community awareness to recycle.

Most times entrants don't have to have a specific genre. They can enter things like art pieces made from recycling newspaper, or paintings that are large enough to fill a school wall, or sculptures of animals or people, that can be made entirely of paper clips.

Prizes can either be items like a car, van, jeep, or all expense paid vacation to an exotic location, or cash prizes that can range anywhere from $100 dollars to $100,000 dollars, depending on the sponsors award levels.

You'll never know if you are sitting on great talent, until you try. Enter a contest today. You could win amazing prizes!

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