Tomorro donates $50k to charity in 2016-2017

Posted on: 30th April 2018

Everyone knows that here at Tomorro, we run online sweepstakes to give people the chance to turn their dreams into a reality. Since 2016, we've been donating a portion of our prize money to several charities so that these not-for-profit organisations can continue making a difference to people's lives in profound ways.

That is why we're super proud to announce that during 2016-17, we were able to donate a grand total of $50,434 to our eight partner charities!

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is one of these charity partners. They’re a not-for-profit medical research organization that aims to improve the health of Australians for over 90 years. Their mission is to reduce the amount of death and disability caused by heart and diabetes related disorders.

They’ll be putting the donation towards life-saving research to improve early diagnosis of heart disease through a new ‘lipids based’ blood test, to better identify at-risk patients. Tomorro’s donation is another positive move to getting the test rolled out as soon as possible.

Another charity recipient is the AEIOU Foundation, the only provider of full-time early intervention for children with autism in Queensland, and in fact, one of few foundations focusing on this issue Australia wide. Children with autism need between 15 and 25 hours of intervention work per week for two years for an optimal outcome, which not all families can realistically afford.

AEIOU Foundation want every child to have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and their specially designed program is a way to do this. Tomorro will help towards this goal, making it easy for the foundation to continue delivering the program to children with autism and their families.

The Essential Need charity works to solve humanity's most life-threatening problem; the lack of clean water for all people in the world. They are in a partnership with UNICEF and aim to raise social awareness and education on water poverty. Their ultimate goal is for all children to have access to clean water by the year 2020.

The donation from Tomorro will go towards UNICEF’s Water Purification Tablet program, which is an emergency relief program. Another portion will go towards their school program, with the remainder going towards empowering developed countries to increase their foreign aid budget for ending extreme water poverty.

Tomorro is also partnered with Oxfam Australia, who fight against poverty by finding and delivering smart, sustainable solutions for the causes and symptoms of poverty. With the donation from Tomorro, they help to save lives, provide clean water, stop hunger, empower women and girls and give a voice to people who might not have one.

The fifth charity which will be receiving a donation from Tomorro is The Heart Research Institute, an internationally recognized research institute which performs cardiovascular research. They’ll be using the donation to fund prevention research to protect against cardiovascular disease.

Tomorro is also giving to the Cancer Council, which provides close to $15 million each year to support cancer research in Australia. The donation they’re receiving from us will help conduct and fund research, support people as they battle cancer and advocating to the government.

Barnados Australia is receiving a donation from Tomorro to help support families and children who suffer abuse. Every day in Australia there are more than 145 substantial reports of child abuse and neglect and every two weeks, a child dies as a direct result of assault. Barnados is working hard to reduce these numbers and keep thousands of children safe and within their own families.

The final charity getting a donation is Lifeline, the national emergency suicide hotline. Lifeline is dedicated to crisis support, and is now embarking on introducing new services and programs for Australians in times of crisis, including a text-based crisis service, a school program and a study into the suicide rates of LGBTI people. The donation will help Lifeline make a difference to the lives of people in preventing suicide.

We can’t wait to see what these amazing charities do with their donations, and hope we can continue to raise money for these worthwhile causes.

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