This Lucky Couple Are The Winners Of Our Huge 2017 Car Giveaway!

Posted on: 31st January 2018

Christmas came early for this lucky couple!

When an ad appeared on eBay to enter Tomorro’s 2017 Charity Car Giveaway, Peter Stokes decided he’d try his luck and enter. With a prize value of $35,000 and only a few moments of his time, he believed he had nothing to lose.

It wasn’t until a few months later, right before Christmas, when he received a phone call from Tomorro informing him that he had won, that the competition crossed his mind again.

“Disbelief is too strong a word but I was startled”, the beaming winner told Tomorro.

“I’m not a natural prize winner, I haven’t won a prize for a long time. I tried to stay calm because I just wasn’t sure. It took a little while for it to sink in!”

His wife, Jacqui, was the first to hear of his triumph. The giveaway made the perfect Christmas gift for Peter and Jacqui, who’d been looking to update their Toyota Corolla for a while.

"This new car has a few extras in there that hers didn’t have, like leather seats, which will make her driving that little more enjoyable."

As well as being a wonderful gift for the couple, Tomorro also made a contribution of $5000 to the AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism. The foundation works towards providing life-changing early intervention to give children growing up with autism the encouragement they need to develop independence, confidence, and life skills. Tomorro’s contribution gives the organisation the support they need to achieve this goal and raise awareness for autism all over the country.

As for the winner, he has a word of advice for people considering entering Tomorro’s giveaways in the future.

“When you enter, you may not be all that hopeful about winning, but my experience suggests there is always that possibility and I think you should have a go!”


Want to win a car just like Peter? Click here for your chance to drive away in a brand new car.

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