Twitter Sweepstakes

Twitter isn’t just a place to find out what your favourite celebs are eating for lunch: it’s also home to great sweepstakes, and the chance to win awesome prizes.

Big companies know social media is an important part of the marketing mix. Because of this they often throw Twitter sweepstakes to increase their popularity on the network: and interact with their customers too, of course.

The result? Sweepstakes which are quick and easy to enter. If you have the Twitter app installed on your smartphone you can even join in from the bath.

Twitter sweepstakes usually ask entrants to do simple things, involving either a skill based element or a prize draw. Twitter prize draws take no time to enter, and usually involve ‘retweeting’ something the company has posted, or ‘follow’ing them for updates. Because minimal effort is required, these particular Twitter sweepstakes will have more entrants: making your odds of winning lower. Still, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Other Twitter sweepstakes require people to make a comment about the brand or product, alongside a ‘hashtag’. These sweepstakes usually take a bit more thought: remember you have to fit your comment into a limited number of characters. Less people enter these sweepstakes, but you still need to have your wits about you to be in with a chance of winning.

Because so many big brands are using social media to market their products, you can win anything in Twitter sweepstakes. From new cars, holidays, and big cash prizes to games consoles, DVDs, and concert tickets.

To find the best Twitter sweepstakes, you can search Twitter for words like ‘win’, ‘sweepstakes’, and ‘giveaway’: or you can simply register with Tomorro. We’ll keep you updated with the latest and best Twitter sweepstakes available to Australian residents, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to win prizes online.

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