Product Purchase Sweepstakes

Entering a sweepstakes is simple. Most promoters will only ask you to do one or two things. Some ask you to buy their product, and others just ask you to enter a code from the product label. Some sweepstakes are a bit more demanding, and ask for both proof of purchase and a code. If you’re entering sweepstakes like this, be sure to keep track of all your product purchases in a spreadsheet: this will help you to remember which sweepstakes you have entered. If your entry is picked as the winner, you might be asked to provide the winning codeword. If you enter multiple sweepstakes, all requiring different code words, write these in the spreadsheet so that they’re close at hand. Always remember to read the rules and regulations when you enter a sweepstakes, as well as the terms and conditions. Some sweepstakes have restrictions which you need to be aware of before you enter: otherwise you could end up disqualified.

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