Photo Sweepstakes

Do you have a photo that you’re really proud of? Enter your best shots in a photo sweepstakes and you could win a camera, amazing prizes, and recognition for your work. It’s easy to win photography sweepstakes if you have a bit of skill with a camera. Simply stick to the rules as closely as possible and enter the photographs you’re most proud of.

There are all kinds of photography sweepstakes in Australia, and you can find all the hottest ones here on Tomorro. Choose a photo contest that suits your style and you can submit your favourite wedding photography, fashion snaps, abstract images, and baby photos.

Every photography sweepstakes you submit an image to will want to use your picture differently, so think carefully about what this means. Some photographers who submit their work to photography sweepstakes get angry later when they see their images used as stock photos, or in magazine advertising.

When you enter a photo challenge it’s a good idea to read up on photography tips, such as how to take great photos. Make sure you read the photography sweepstakes small print to see if it’s okay to use photo effects and photo editing software, such as Photoshop. While some digital photography contest judges consider editing as another aspect of a photographer’s skill, others may disqualify you for photo manipulation.

Contestants can end up losing out on an award because they don’t pay proper attention to the terms and conditions. Always read the rules of every photo sweepstakes and pay special attention to them, otherwise you could end up wasting your time.

If a photo sweepstakes does allow entries which have been digitally manipulated, only use the best photo effects software for creating winning images. That will really impress the panel of experts, and increase your chances of taking home a photography prize pack.

Stick to the theme of the sweepstakes. Some people submit photographs which are barely related to the topic at hand, leaving the judges scratching their heads in confusion. Photography sweepstakes leave room for the artist to express their creativity, but only to a point.

If you enter a travel photo contest, for example, you can’t enter a photo of your baby playing on the beach: as cute as it may be. Dig out your best shots of local culture, architecture, and wildlife instead to really impress the panel of experts.

Remember to research the photography sweepstakes that you are entering before you submit your photo. Look for photo galleries featuring previous winners to give yourself a good idea of what the judge will be looking for.

Technical brilliance is important, too. If you don’t know what white balance, metering, iso speed, and exposure are then now would be a good time to learn. Settling for average images does not win a sweepstakes. Bear this in mind when you’re looking for a photo to enter.

Like all of the contests on Tomorro, you can win awesome prizes in our Australian photography sweepstakes. Not only can you win cameras from the likes of Canon and Nikon, you can also win a holiday, tickets to events, and lots of luxury items.

Images that provoke a reaction always make the best entries for photography contests. Photos that connect to the viewer and stimulate a reaction will always win, when compared to photographs which are technically superior but have no soul. It’s something to bear in mind when you enter photo sweepstakes in Australia.

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