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The SHESAID Global 2016 Holiday Promotion
Holiday for 5 including flights and spending money
I am super excited for this trip! It's been a while since I've traveled and I am definitely looking forward to it! Still can't believe I've won!
Martha Jamison
VA, United States
Winner Accepted
Draw Date
24th June 2016
Publishing Date
1st July 2016
Prize Value
The Million Dollar Share
by SHESAID (Global)
$20,000 Cash
I want to buy myself a nice new reliable car, I wouldn't have ever been able to afford it if this hadn't happened. I'm just a student, I've only been scraping by. This sort of money is life-changing for me
Olivia Evans
NSW, Australia
Prize Awarded
Draw Date
4th November 2015
Publishing Date
8th November 2015
Prize Value
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