Instant Entry Competitions

Maybe you’ve heard of someone who is always taking home the prize in instant win competitions. Have you ever thought to yourself “how do they constantly achieve success?” The first piece of advice they’ll give you is, “don’t eat yellow snow”. The second will be, ”you gotta be in it to win it.”

They don’t mean just submitting one entry at a time, but as many as the competition rules allow. Instant win competitions have a range of prizes, varying from small items like free music downloads to huge items like new sports cars. When you enter you have no idea what you will win; making for some awesome surprises.

Some instant win competitions ask you to make a purchase to get an entry code, but there are some ways around that thanks to the internet. You can often grab entry codes for free with the help of your search engine of choice. Sometimes marketers will even leave free codes on their webpage, or customers that have used the product will leave codes in forums and on social media websites.

Each instant win contest comes with its own rules and regulations, so check things such as the limit on entries, or age requirements. Most competitions allow you to enter for free, but the catch is you may have to give them your email address so that they can send you an entry code. If you’re worried about getting spammed, use a separate email address especially for entering instant win competitions.

Some instant win giveaways feature games where you have to scratch, throw, or spin something to enter. Once you have done this, a screen will appear telling you what you have won. If you have no interest in playing and only want to see if you’ve won, click the “can’t see the game” link. The game winning times are predetermined, so it doesn’t matter if you aced the game: it won’t affect your winnings.

Remember the rules of each competition you enter. Some competitions allow multiple entries, others only allow you to enter once. Some will allow a single household to win multiple prizes while others will only allow one prize per household.

It’s an excellent feeling when you get a confirmation email with a link to claim your winnings. If there’s a glitch in the system, where you see that you have won but you have not received an email, you will need to contact the organization to see if you really won.

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