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Who hasn’t had the thought of how great it’d be to never have to buy groceries again? Well, if you had that thought and then came here, you’re clearly a next-level genius, because this is the place where we’re making those dreams a reality, on the reg. Yep, we’re not just giving away one or even two lots of free groceries, on this page you’ll find regular competitions in which you’ll have the chance to score yourself freedom from trawling the supermarket ever again.

Not to mention all the money you’ll save that you can splurge on more important things, like building your ant mansion. So if you’ve ever wanted to win a year of free groceries or even win a lifetime of free groceries, make sure you hit up this space regularly, because this is the place where we make that dream real.

Everyone loves to dig into their favorite foods, but weekly grocery bills can really start to get out of control – especially if you are feeding a family of four or more. Fortunately there are several methods available to help you trim down that ever growing grocery bill – and maybe even to get some groceries for free.

There are manufacturer’s coupons, coupons in weekly circulars that get delivered with your mail and coupons in the newspaper – but clipping coupons isn’t the only way you can save money at the supermarket. By entering some free grocery competitions you might be able to get your favorite food and snack items at a very steep discount or possibly even for free.

These daily grocery competitions can deliver everything from free single servings of your favorite foods and drinks to a full year’s supply of your favorite products or even high value gift cards to your favorite supermarket or cash to help you pay your weekly food bill.

Think about it - everyone needs food, it is a monthly expense that is certainly not going away. Most of these contests feature prizes that are very winnable, even if you don’t land the big gift card you still could easily walk away with a box, bag or package of and excellent product for your minimal effort. That makes these daily contests well worth the few short minutes you’ll have to invest to enter – and who knows, that quick and easy entry into one of these daily competitions just might result in you getting free groceries for a week, a month or even longer!

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