Tomorro Affiliate Program

Do you have a large subscriber base interested in competitions and sweepstakes? Then the Tomorro affiliate program is a great way to monetise your email list.

How does it work?

  1. We provide display banners or HTML for EDMs as well as unique tracking links
  2. You send the EDM to your subscribers or add our banner to your own newsletter
  3. We track the revenue we make from the traffic you send to us
  4. We share the revenue 50/50

That's it! Easy, right!?

Fill in the form below or email to become an affiliate partner now!


How do you make revenue?
During the competition signup process we show offers from advertisers. If users opt in to these offers, we get paid by the advertiser. This is the revenue we share with you.

Can you estimate a revenue amount?
We can attempt to do this once you provided demographic ans other details from you subscriber list. That being said, the technology used to show offers is a marketplace, which means the revenue per signup can change and therefore revenue would fluctuate.

In which countries do you operate?
We run competitions and sweepstakes in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan,

How often can I send an EDM or use your banner?
As often as you want.

Can I add banners to my website?
Yes, we can provide you with banners in all dimensions and sizes. If we don't have the size on file, we can create a custom one for you.

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