Tomorro is giving you the chance to win free prizes just by watching TV in your living room! Tenplay competitions are quick and easy to enter into. You could be the winner of a life in a once time trip – experience a range of competitions that could take YOU on a trip to exotic remote locations where TV shows such as Survivor are filmed. Tenplay makes it easier than ever for you to catch up with your favourite TV shows, so even if you miss your code word, you could check back with Tenplay for your chance to stay in it.

Australia’s Top Competitions

Tomorro brings you the best competitions Australia has to offer. We have a range of categories and competition types; you can always improve your chances of winning by participating in the events that you enjoy! You could win cash, cars or even travel packages to anywhere in the world! Now with the new addition of Tenplay competitions, you can relive famous television moments in person or even live on set – with various Tenplay TV competitions available, you could be in the running for the newest season of Australia’s The Bachelor, or even cooking on screen for Australia’s top chefs on MasterChef.

How To Enter Tenplay Competitions:

There a range of competitions you can enter for your chance to win major prizes. Popular Tenplay competitions include tenplay code word competitions as well as free entry into lottery draws to win big getaway prizes. All you have to do is watch your favourite show and look out for the Code Word to pop up during the show. Once you have the code word, be sure to login or sign up to Tenplay so you can enter the Code Word competition. Alternatively, you can be put into the draw to win other big prizes such as a brand new Hyundai Kona, or a trip to New York!

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