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Competition giveaways are a great way for businesses to showcase their products and services. Giving away freebies through competitions does require some spend in the form of manpower, technical resources and prizes, but most businesses know that giveaways can positively influence the success of their business. Competitions are a great way to advertise your company, stirring the interest of customers and increasing sales.

Competition Giveaways: the Advantages

The main advantage of a competition giveaways is the ‘carry on’ effect. The carry on effect  is when a product or service leaves a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. You should always try to give out high quality prizes to leave a positive impression and attract excellent feedback.

Giving away freebies is far more affordable than traditional forms of advertising. When you give away items, the impression lasts. Traditional TV and radio commercials only last for a few minutes at best, but a freebie lasts for years.

If you are launching a competition one sure way of attracting customers and new prospects is to run a ‘giveaway of the day’. By doing this you will constantly have old and new customers visiting your web page as word of the competition spreads.

Why Choose Giveaways?

  • Awareness of brand:  the main reason to give people free stuff is to create a positive impression about your products. It’s also a fab way to introduce a new product to the market
  • Loyal customers: customers become loyal to a product or service once they feel there is value being returned. First impressions last, so make a great first impression by giving them something for free
  • Brand improvement: if your company has been around for a certain period of time, giveaways are a great way of showing off new product improvements
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