Your Next Travel Adventure: Stress Buster and Problem Solver

Posted on: 30th October 2013

Your Next Travel AdventureDon’t be fooled with the title of this article. Simply because you are going on a road trip or taking a hiatus from your toxic work schedule to spend the next few weeks in an unknown island doesn’t mean you have found the answer to all your problems. Nevertheless, that particular holiday or vagabonding stint might offer different perspectives on how you can tackle all your life crises head on and still emerge unscathed and victorious. Here are some reasons why.


  1. New people allows for new self-reinvention. Sociologists say that our personal perception is greatly affected by how people think of us. Known as the identity negotiation theory, we allow other’s perception of ourselves to influence our behaviour and the way we also interact with them. So, when you meet new people during your out-of-town endeavours, and just saying, if you meet the right people, it can do a lot to let your more positive qualities shine through or let you explore that side of yourself that you wish to unravel. All of these can help you gain more confidence in dealing with all the complicated issues you have in your life.


  1. Be distracted to be productive. Sounds contradictory but it can help if you know how to play it right. All work and no play does not only leave you bored, dull, and irritated. It is also the best friend of counter productivity. So, give yourself a break, chill and enjoy every second of your holiday spree. Soon, you’ll get yourself into one of those “ah-ha!” moments where you find more logical options or more brilliant explanations to all the difficulties you’re entangled with.


  1. Do not dread deadlines. When you go on your travel adventure, don’t let deadlines at work and from social obligations hang over you like a dark cloud. Focus first on unloading yourself of all the negativity around you and then when you have gathered enough neural ammunition, face your deadlines with your head held up high and you’ll win them over.


  1. Sharpen your senses. When you tread strange paths, your mind and body releases you from your autopilot existence that can be attributed to engaging in the same old routine for so long. Now, you are forced (in a positive and welcoming way) to read and speak a different language, eat foreign delicacies, interact with people of different culture, and so much more. All those mental processing, filing, and workout can sharpen your senses and give you that ace on your sleeves to deal with stress in a triumphant manner and make problems seem like a minute task to deal with.


  1. New opportunities bring new motivation. Even for just a few days surrounded by a different group of people (or none at all) in an entirely different environment with no limits as to what you should do or how to do it can do wonders to your personal and professional life. You get to see first-hand a different side of the world and it makes you appreciate what you have and hold on to those you value in life. So it gives you a better sense of direction and a new drive to smooth all the rugged edges of your life and make the most of what is given to you.


The benefits of travelling far outweigh the costs or disadvantages that may go along with it – if you know how to maximize your holiday stint for your own good. Problems don’t go away on their own but being away for a few days from all the chaos of your busy life will give you time to rejuvenate and be reenergized to face all your worries with courage to solve them.

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