Xbox One Launch Puts Video Game Console War Up A Notch

Posted on: 1st December 2013

Xbox One Video Game ConsoleNow that Microsoft has released its Xbox One game console, people who made PlayStation 4 cannot deny the fact that it would definitely heat things up when it comes to home entertainment here in our internet age.

But Sony still has that big triumphant smile on its face since it unleashed its newest piece de resistance one week ahead Microsoft. Its PS4 can be all yours for about $400, taking on Xbox One which is $100 more expensive. We all need to wait and see if it can top its predecessor, the Xbox 360, from being the most sought-after console in North America.

Sony has reported before that it has more than a million PS4 units sold in just 24 hours of its release last November 15 but a small percentage of buyers already complained about unit malfunction, which put a dent on the much-awaited debut.

Brian Blau, analyst firm Gartner’s research director said that core gamers lean more towards favouring Sony, based on gaming history.

"There is nothing I've seen to say that one platform is going to have an advantage over the other", he added.

Both consoles offer better features than their predecessors – from graphics, more interactive game play experience, and social features, which makes it easier to share with online friends.

The Xbox One is expected to surpass all your home entertainment expectations since you can watch TV here and use the Internet after you want to take a rest from your gaming activities. And yes, you can do video calls here, thanks to Skype.

Furthermore, the console can recognize users and even detect an individual’s pulse.

Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft boasts of its Kinect devices. "This is the beginning of a new generation of games and entertainment and a new generation of smart TV," he said during its unveiling.

But here’s the catch: both Xbox One and PS4 are not compatible with titles that gamers usually play on older versions of the consoles.

Microsoft has put its hardware and software mastery to effective use, bringing game controllers, tablets, smartphones, voice, and gesture together in the Xbox One.

In a move that might irk gamers, neither Xbox One nor PS4 are compatible with titles designed for play on earlier versions of consoles.

As for the threat posed by the rise of smartphones and tablet computers, Mehdi dismissed the notion that they would be out of business any time soon. Rather, it has “increased the appetite for interactive entertainment in what has grown to a $93 billion industry, including sales of software and hardware for consoles, PCs and handheld devices”, he said.

Xbox One will soon come out in the US, Britain and Australia, on November 22.

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