Write Better Poetry – 7 Steps To Becoming A Poet

Posted on: 5th July 2014

Poetry TipsIt is said that poets are born, not made. Not everyone will agree to this statement though. Though it is true that talent is very important, very often hard work can bring as good if not better results. Yes, anyone can learn to write great poems – you, too. If you want to enter poetry competitions, but feel you are not too good at writing poetry, take a look at these 10 steps. You might very soon start writing prize-winning poems.

  1. Take Lessons – you want to start writing great poetry, start taking lessons. You need to know the styles that exist, how to get help and from where, how to use better words, the themes, and so on. Lessons will help you understand what poems are, and the better you understand this, the better your poem will turn out.
  1. Find One Or More Masters To Follow And Draw Inspiration – browse through the master poets of all times and choose one or a few whose style of writing poems you admire the most. Read all the work these masters have written; you will not only draw inspiration, but also a lot of knowledge on how a prize-winning poem should sound like.
  1. Practice, Practice and More Practice – what you might lack in talent, you can gain through practice. If you are perseverant and hard working, there is nothing stopping you from learning to write some phenomenal poems. Do not be let yourself believe that if you are not born with the talent you can never write a great poem. You can. Keep practicing and after a while it will be as easy for you as it is for the talented poets.
  1. Experiment, Experiment, And Experiment – do not be afraid to experiment, to do things differently. You might find a new form, a new style, a new type of writing poems. Who knows – a few years from now, children will study about your style of writing poems. Experiment with everything – language, form, style, length, themes, imagery and so on.
  1. Learn New Words – to write powerful poems, you need to master the art of using words to paint pictures. To do so, you need to continuously expand your vocabulary. Add new words every day; you need to use just the right word for the right expression, for getting your poem from a regular one to a masterpiece level.
  1. Find A Mentor Or Critic – look for someone who could mentor you, guide you, hold your hand when you are walking the path to become a poet. A good mentor and/ or critic can help you grow better and faster.
  1. Always Revise And Rewrite Before Submitting – very rarely you will write a masterpiece in the first attempt. Go back to your poem, read it our aloud, edit it, rewrite it until it sounds perfect.

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