Winning The Lottery

Posted on: 15th September 2013

Winning LotteryPeople are winning the lottery every day. Whether they hit the Powerball jackpot or become a scratch-off winner, it is making people rich.

So, how are all these people winning? Is it just plain luck? Seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig says "luck has nothing to do with it". If you scour the internet looking for the best methods to increase your chances of winning, you'll find there are a few specific methods that previous winners claim will increase your odds of winning.

Having multiple opportunities definitely gives you better odds. Assemble a group that contributes a set amount towards a pool each week. Office pools are very common and they give everyone involved a better chance at winning.

Some previous winners insist that you always pick your own numbers. However, it is estimated that 70% of winners let the machine pick random numbers for them. If you do decide to pick your own numbers, find out what the hot numbers are. These are numbers that appear most often in lottery drawings.

Another popular method is to stick with a set of numbers. Once you pick your numbers, use that same set of numbers every time you play instead of mixing it up each time.

Learning what not to do is just as important. Cold numbers, for example, are the numbers that show up the least in drawings. Avoid playing these numbers as they are rarely ever drawn.

Picking sequential numbers like 12-13-14-15-16-17, greatly reduces your odds of winning. In fact, 6 sequential numbers have never been drawn, ever.

Additionally, choosing all even or all odd numbers is unlikely to make you a lottery winner. A winning set of numbers consisting of all even or odd numbers has occurred in less than 1% of all drawings.

Whether its luck or strategy, someone has to win. Regardless of what method you adopt, You have no chance of winning if you don't play. So, go get a ticket and pick up some scratch-offs and become the next big jackpot winner before someone else does.

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