Winning Partner Pizza Contests – What Does It Take?

Posted on: 21st July 2014

Pizza ContestsMore than 95 percent of the partner food contests will involve eating a giant pizza. While this is immense fun, it is also a serious challenge that you could easily win with a few wise strategic moves.

In these challenges a minimum of two contestants have to take part and the winners would be the team that eats the quickest and the most without throwing up in the end. Of course, there are thousands of variations in the rules; make sure you read them and understand them well. To win, you could use the following few tips:

  1. Do The Math – the team who is most likely to win is that who is perfectly matched. You are aware of how much you can eat; choose a partner that complements your capacity. For example, if there is a 12 pound pizza and you are comfortable with eating about 7-8 pounds, get a partner who could eat 4-5 pounds or more so you could finish it. Do the math; it is as simple as that.
  1. Trust And Encourage Each Other – it is important that you have a partner that does not stress you with surprises. Choose a partner with whom you are comfortable and on whom you could count to go an extra mile if it is required. You cannot afford to have an emotional partner who suddenly decides to quit on you.
  1. Divide The Work – as in an assembly line, each partner would have to do a specialized task – which he/ she does best – so the other would do his/ hers best. For example, if one of the partners knows (and likes) the crust let him eat that and the other partner should focus on what remains. Have a strategy on who eats what so everyone can do their best to win the contest. Counting on each partner’s strong point is one of the best winning strategies you could use.
  1. Have The Right Tools Ready – you always need to have the right tools to help you eat faster and win the coveted first prize. For example, when the contest is eating a pizza, it would be great if you have a pizza cutter that could cut the large pizza into small bite-sized pieces. This will help you to move quicker through the pizza and also take the stress off your mind as you would busy planning what and how to cut.

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