Winning Creative Contests – Five Secret Powerful Tips To Use

Posted on: 21st March 2014

Contests offer you a better chance to win than sweepstakes or lotteries because here your skills also play a role. Winning involves attention to detail and adherence to rules right to the T. Take a look at some very important tips that most people are not aware of when entering contests or ignore thinking they are not important.

  1. Write Correct Grammar – this is particularly relevant if you are a fan of international contests. Use appropriate English grammar for American, British, Australian, Asian countries. Spellings differ, punctuations differ and sometime the meanings of words differ as well. Check and recheck before you send your contest entry to make sure you are using the right English grammar for the country/ region.
  2. Edit Brutally – be brutal with your editing. Never send your entry instant. Leave for at least 24 hours and look at it with fresh eyes; you will be surprised at how different it looks from you perceived it at first. Show it to experts, friends, family and ask their critique/ comments. Is it generating the reaction you envisaged? If not, rework or redirect. You want the best, be prepared to work hard at it – even if you are a genius in any particular field.
  3. Touch A String – the entries that win are those which will wrest a reaction out of the reader. It could be a smile, a tear, pleasure goose bumps, or ‘I have to send this to all I know’ type of response. To get there, use whatever it takes – humor, satire, sarcasm, past experience, tongue-in-cheek advice, and so on.
  4. Stick To The Topic – all contests have a topic. Do not stray from the topic the contest is about as your entry will be disqualified no  matter how brilliant. Most contests are launched for one primary reason –  to promote a product/ service. Hence, the product should play the center role in your contest entry.
  5. Out Of The Box Entries – everyone has a particular image about any type of product/ service/ necessity. Creativity means thinking beyond those parameters and bringing in new tangents, color, direction, use, thoughts. Being different means your entry will stand out; judges are starved for ‘something new’ and always will pick up that which has the courage to move away from the general trend. They are looking for new ideas – and hence, this is what you need to focus to maximize your chances to win.

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