Winning Competitions - Writing Great 25 Words Or Less Competition Entries

Posted on: 21st March 2014

The 25-words-or less-competitions are lots of fun for people who love writing; and they are among the easiest to win as well. If creative writing is your forte, and you are keen to win stuff try your hand at these competitions and enjoy the spoils. Here is what you need to do to get those lovely prizes:


  1. Start With Understanding What Is Required – read the terms and conditions very carefully and understand what they are looking for. This is the most important part of the entry and you should get it right.
  2. Brainstorm Like Crazy – once you know what is needed, start with a marathon brainstorming session. Try your hand at poetry, rhyme, fun humor, dark humor, animal life, romantic talk, practical talk, etc.  Try it from all the angles and always move away from the beaten path. Judges are always looking for something fresh when they are judging entries – and the one that is most creative usually walks away with the prize.
  3. Write As Many Possible Entries As You Can – go for it with all you’ve got. Write as many entries as you can; then, judge them as if you are the judge. Ask your friends to choose a winner; give comments; improve on what you already put together. Look at it from the “other side” perspective.
  4. Let It Simmer For A While – give yourself 24-48 hours after a brainstorming session and look at your work with fresh eyes. Many things which you wrote will look very different now. Tweak the entries to reflect what you intend each one to say. Be honest with yourself and keep working at it until you are sure that this is the absolute best you can do.
  5. Pay Attention To Deadlines – with all the work going on, do not forget to submit the entry/ entries within the deadline. Put a reminder on your phone/ computer to remind you to submit at least 24 hours before the deadline.  Never wait until the last minutes as a lot can happen at that critical time and your efforts would go down the drain if you cannot make the submission on time.
  6. Keep At It – contests winning does require a little luck as well. Hence, you will win some and lose some – not to worry about it. If you have fun while putting it together you will be winner every time. Do not let not-winning slow you down. Keep at it and in time, you too, will have a long list of spoils won through various contests.

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