Winning At Sweepstakes Is Easy – 3 Websites That Find The Best Ones For You

Posted on: 4th April 2014

Whether you are new at this game or an old hand, you will know that the first thing you need to have to ensure you win big prizes in cash or kind is the opportunity to enter as many high quality sweepstakes as possible. There are two major attributes here – “many” and “high quality”.

Why Do You Need To Enter As “Many” Sweepstakes As You Can?

There is a romantic idea about contests, sweepstakes and lottery, i.e. that if you are lucky you will win. While luck does play an important role, you can actually tilt the odds in your favor by entering a large number of contests. The more you enter, the better your chances to win will become. It is like buying more chances to enjoy luck. Regular winners advice that you should enter at least 30 quality sweepstakes per day; if you can do more, the better.

What Do You Mean By “Quality” Sweepstakes?

Here, “high quality” indicates two things – first, relevance of the sweepstake. For example, you are looking forward to win a dream vacation, you need to enter as many as possible in this genre. If you enter every sweepstake that comes your way, it may much longer to win the prize you covet. Second, not all sweepstakes are made equal. The easier to win (higher in quality) are those which are more difficult, regional/ local, focused on certain demographics, etc. Hence, you need to focus on these two aspect to increase your chances to win.

High Quality Sweepstakes Aggregators

There are sites which provide people who enjoy entering sweepstakes lists of high quality sweepstakes, contests and competitions. Subscribing to such sites will make winning much easier for you. Sites like ours help you to find sweepstakes and contests fast, stay informed about the latest news, stay motivated to enter as many as you can every day and encourage you to win. There are other sites like ours which will give you information about sweepstakes/ contests/ competitions in the country and overseas:


  1. Sweepstakes Today – this site lists sweepstakes that offer cash prizes. You can choose what sweepstakes you want to enter by their ratings – 5 stars indicating they are the best and 1 star meaning they are worst. The site can be searched for last date to enter and amount of cash prize the sweepstakes offer.
  2. Sweepstakes Advantage – This is another site which provides information about sweepstakes offering cash prizes. One can fill in entries in multiple sweepstakes on this site as it allows opening multiple sweepstakes simultaneously in multiple windows.
  3. Online Sweepstakes – this is a very likes site because it offers the option to save information about entered sweepstakes, allows to be indexed date wise and has a very long list of sweepstakes.

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