Winner Sweepstake – Scam Or Real Thing?

Posted on: 20th March 2014

Wherever there is money, there is a high potential of fraud; and sweepstakes are no exception. There are many scams going around on this topic and there are far too many people falling for these types of fraud. You need to be very careful that you are not walking into a trap thinking you are playing for genuine sweepstakes. Here are a few things that you should pay close attention to, because these are what will warm you about a scam.

1. Congratulations, You Won – beware of email that announce you won something; especially when you have not played that particular sweepstake/ contest. If you are serious about playing sweepstakes and winning for real, you will keep spreadsheets with details of every contest/ sweepstake you entered so you will know when you have a fraudulent announcement.

Even if you do not have these spreadsheets – you can still get an inclination about a fraud when the email will ask you personal details. The majority of sweepstakes will have your information already.

2. Grammar And Spelling – Anything that has bad spelling and/ or grammar should come as suspicious. If the sentences are just not hanging right, the spellings are odd or grammar is off – the announcement would more often than not be a scam.

3. Asks You To Follow Link – if you receive an winner email announcement that asks you to follow a given link to claim your prize, do not click on the link. You need to check out first about the sweepstake sponsor or home page – and that you should do by searching it on the Net independent from the email received. Links such as those listed in sweepstake winning announcements are often used as phishing tools to steal your sensitive information.

4. Asks For Any Type Of Fee – ALL sweepstakes/ contest will ask you the fees, if any beforehand. If the announcement email in your inbox includes a request for a fee/ commission BEFORE they can release your prize – it is definitely a scam. No legit sweepstake will ask you any type of fee/ commission to give you your prize. If this happens check about scams on the Net giving the name of the sender – chances are that the ‘Scam Watchers’ will have information on them.

Be careful about such scams or instead of winning you will lose a lot of money and peace of mind as well.

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