Winner Story: Gabrielle Andrew

Posted on: 3rd October 2013

Gabrielle Andrew Winner StoryProfessional compers dedicate their lives in entering every imaginable contests out there – whether online or the traditional way. But there are those who just happen to come across competitions they join out of boredom or with half-hearted enthusiasm.


So imagine Gabrielle Andrew’s disbelief when she got the surprise of her lifetime. She emailed competitioncrazy saying:


“I had never won anything before. I was newly graduated and paying off debts. However I had fallen in love and wanted to get married. I was saving for a wedding when idly I decided to enter a travel competition in the Sunday Telegraph Travel Trivia, Sunday edition. This involved finding out all sorts of travel trivia such as what was the colour of a fire hydrant on the corner of an intersection in San Francisco!”


What happened next is either a case of sheer luck or a miracle from heaven because she won the competition! So instead of getting married at home, she and her fiancé had the most romantic wedding one can imagine in Steam Boat Springs Colorado plus honeymoon!


Gabrielle said, “It was the best thing I have ever won ... And the only thing I have ever won.

Fabulous! I am a true happily married convert to competition entering!!!”


Best Wishes Gabrielle Andrew!

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