Win The Best Prizes For Showing Off Your Adorable Baby

Posted on: 11th June 2013

Best Prizes for BabiesI haven’t met any parent who doesn’t fawn all over his or her baby. So if you cannot get enough of your baby, why not share your best pictures and win awesome prizes?

Entering cute baby photo contests are extremely competitive simply because there is an abundance of adorable baby pictures all around. But if you win, you’ll get more than just cash prizes and fabulous baby gifts but also a chance to get your baby in commercials or TV shows.

What to Expect

Baby photo contests are usually of two types: competitions where the baby’s appearance and adorability factor is judged and competitions where the photographer’s skills is measured. Before you join a contest, think on what you want to achieve or win. If you want exposure for your little bundle of joy in the world of media and advertising, then choose the former. If you want recognition for your skills as a photographer, then choose the latter. Then again, you’re better off looking for contests that are judged by professional photographers and also have categories for subjects other than cute baby pictures.

Online Baby Photo Contests

Check out these legitimate baby photo contests you can find online: sponsor free child photo contests, which gives great prizes including a chance to feature the lucky baby winner on the cover of the magazine.

The Cute Kid is a popular baby photo contest joined by parents who wish to give their baby an opportunity to experience modelling gigs or TV shows.

Baby Zone sponsors contests for photos of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and children.

Kodak’s Moment of the Month contest sponsors different types of photo competitions including ‘theme of the month’ concept.

Contests for Moms is an online directory listing of several different baby photo contests.

Proof Positive is a directory of photography contests from around the Web that includes a few opportunities for entering baby pictures.

Tips to Enter and Win

Do not enter head on without knowing what you are going up against. Read the judging criteria carefully because each baby competition has its own rules and preferences in choosing the winner. Factors such as age, image concept, photo software are just considerations you have to remember if you want to qualify and improve your chances of winning.

Keep in mind that the best baby pictures meet the following criteria:

Clear focus on the baby
No distracting background
Flattering light
Attractive composition
Clearly tells a theme or story at a glance
Make a conscious effort to step back from your role as a parent. Even if there is no one else more adorable than your baby, and however true it may be, it is still up to the judges to determine whether your baby deserves to win or not. So, it pays to have someone, aside from members of your family, to voice out their opinion about your baby’s photo before you submit it. Contest judges won’t have any sentimental attachment to a particular shot.

If you don’t win a particular contest, don’t get discouraged. Many contests receive thousands of entries and failing to win a prize doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly upon your adorable baby or your skills as a photographer. Keeping snapping away and you’ll eventually receive the recognition you deserve. The most important thing is you are having fun and you are giving your baby one of the best opportunities of his or her life.

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