Win Prizes While Doing What You Love Doing

Posted on: 15th April 2014

Do you want to win prizes and cash but have absolutely no time to search for contests and sweepstakes? Here is some news you would love – you can win prizes while you are doing whatever you are doing, i.e. without putting aside any time or too much effort. Here are some ideas you could use and win great prizes:

  1. Win Prizes While Watching TV – watch your favorite TV programs as you always do and then look up RewardTV and answer questions on the programs you watch. You could win many prizes in cash in kind. In this way you will enjoy both watching your favorite programs, and many chances to win prizes.
  2. Write Book Reviews And Win Sweepstake Prizes – if you are one who loves reading books, you could write reviews and with every review could enter sweepstakes that would have you eligible for great prizes. Check sites such as,,, and  - you will find many sweepstakes, contests and free giveaways here along with useful information about books.
  3. Play Online Games – everyone likes to play online games to unwind and relax. If you find this pastime enjoyable, you may also win many great prizes as you play. Many online games offer players chances to win prizes to ensure that they come back to play more. You can search the Net for online games with sweepstakes – and have double enjoyment. You could start with sites such as, and among others.
  4. RecycleBank Program– this is a wonderful program ( which promotes and encourages green activities such as recycling materials to win reward points which you could redeem for sweepstake entries, travel deals, gift cards and much more.
  5. Use Search Engines And Win Prizes – there are search engines – such as Blingo - which will offer you chances to win great prizes every time you use them for any type of search. Since nowadays, you would need Internet for all kinds of information this is a great way to win prizes while doing your thing.
  6. Exercise And Win Prizes – do you want to start exercising and losing weight? Are you looking for motivation to start exercising? Check out which will offer you chances to win prizes for every exercising activity you are taking up. You can earn cash and many prizes by just updating your exercising activities and visiting the sponsors.

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