Win Photo Competition With Your iPhone

Posted on: 1st July 2014

iPhone PhotographyHaving IPhone, then why don’t use it for clicking spectacular pictures for winning photo competitions. Photography lovers always look for various competitions to showcase their talent.  Digital cameras have been used by many people but nowadays mobile phones especially smartphones have come up with numerous features and camera is one of those features available in it. IPhone is the smart phone through which you can take impressive pictures and by posting them on various websites you can win photography competitions.

Showcasing the talent in clicking images by using iPhone and winning the photo competitions is just a click away by keeping in mind the following points.

Click best photos with IPhone 5s

The features present in iPhone 5S is advanced. With 8-megapixels your photographs will turn out to be quite impressive. With this model you can even click the picture in dim light. The ‘True tone’ flash improves the harsh tones. This model has larger sensor (1/3 vs 1/3.2 inch) and a fast burst mode. With IPhone 5 you can click 6 to 7 frames in a second.

High resolutions is best for clicking impressive images

IPhone 4 and iPhone 5 have come up with camera options having higher resolutions. The first generation iPhone 3G has fixed focus 2.0 megapixel camera and iPhone 3GS has a 3.2 megapixel camera. Any picture will look good if the camera has high resolution. This feature could help you in winning photography competitions. With IPhone 4 and iPhone 5 you can click images with resolutions at 8 MP.

IPhone 4 and newer models have two cameras

IPhone 4 and the subsequent models have a new feature to offer their customers. There are two cameras one is rear-facing and another is forward-facing. You can use this feature while clicking the pictures.

Zoom options available in iPhone

By applying zooming options available in this phone you can capture the photos with ease. It is a touchscreen phone so you need to use your forefinger and thumb for this purpose. The zoom options help you to decide which part you want to look prominent in your image and which part you want to keep as it is.

Panorama photos with iPhone

This feature lets you take a very large photo. It is available if you are having iOS 6 present in the models and you can click very large image at one go. IPhone has software that stitches multiple photos into one large image.

Filters that can enhance the quality of pictures

Models with iOS 4 and higher have filters that can make your photographs appealable. Filters can make your photos unique. There are types of filters available and preview option is also available. The preview option shows you how your image will look if you apply a particular filter. You can use filter depending on the theme of picture. If you are clicking a picture in sunlight then certain filter will make picture look unique.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore your creativity by clicking outstanding pictures with iPhone.

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