Win Great Prizes At Food Contests – Water Train Your Stomach

Posted on: 4th September 2014

Winning food contests is not always easy. The aftermath is messy and uncomfortable to say the least. But ask the winner of these contests whether it is worth it, and you would have an affirmative answer every time. To win these contests you need to train – like with any sport/ contest.

In this case, most people train their stomach to expand with various foods. This has its advantages, such as it helps you understand how you react to various types of food while side by side you increase the capacity of your stomach. It also has its downsides, such as it will pile on calories on you which very soon can turn into unwanted fat unless you work it off.

Win Food ContestsFor those conscious about their calories, there is another great way to train your stomach – with water. Since water has no calories, this is a great tool for training your stomach to expand. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Get There Gradually – water has no calories, but it has the capacity to create a lot of trouble when misused. So, do not start with drinking too much water too fast. If you think drinking one gallon of water in one go is good for your body, think again. You can invite some very serious problems if you are not doing this gradually. Be careful.
  1. Start With Double – an adult should normally drink about 8-10 glasses of water per day. Start - on day 1 and day 2 - with double that amount spread over the day, i.e. 16-20 glasses per day. At one go, the most you should take in is one quart.  Best is to spread it through the day. Be prepared to increase in number visit to the bathroom though.
  1. Increase The Amount To Quarter – on day 3 and 4 increase the single sitting amount of water you take in to one quart. If you feel dizzy after you take the water, you stop and reduce the amount of water. Also do not drink any more water about 4 hours before your sleep time; otherwise, you would have to wake up in the night searching for the restroom.
  1. Increase The Amount To ½ Gallon – on day 5 and 6 your intake of water should go up to ½ gallon 2-3 times a day. It is not necessary to drink it in one go. You can stop, take a breath and start again to finish it within a few minutes. This should become increasingly easy for you. On day 7 you try to drink 3 quarts of water after adding some electrolytes to it.

Now, your stomach is ready for any food contest, and winning the prize is very much within your reach.

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