Win free tickets in Facebook competition

Posted on: 25th October 2014

Create a Facebook account, enter competitions that are running on it and win them.

But really not sure where to start, our guide will give you everything you need to start entering and winning competitions on Facebook.

Sign up with different email address

Win free tickets in Facebook competitionTo create an account on Facebook, you need to set up a new mailbox. Do not create account of social media platforms like Facebook using regular email address, especially when you hope to win exciting prizes. The setting up of a separate email address will help you keep a close watch on Facebook activities. Thus you can proceed accordingly.

Set up a Facebook account

You need to set up a Facebook account using new email address. But if you already have one running account on Facebook do not feel tempted to create another. This is so because per person rule Facebook only intends to operate one account and failing to adhere to that could have your accounts blocked.

Make it public

Please ensure that you share competition posts as ‘public’ not private in the privacy settings to make your entry visible to the promoters.

Role of non-comping friends

If you are using a new Facebook account then it is fine. Otherwise, if you are using an existing Facebook account for competitions then it becomes important to let your non-comping friends about your new hobby. Otherwise, they can ‘unsubscribe’ from getting posts from you thinking you are spamming them with your completion entries.

Checking on wins on Facebook

Facebook has a search bar at the top in the middle- just type in your name and press the search icon. This will land you on a page showing all the results and names of winners.

Hunt for competitions

There are several different types of competitions that run on Facebook. But it is you to decide which one is worth lure your attention. Once you come across the competition that suits your interest you can follow the directions mentioned on it and start participating.

It is 100% fake

Before you actually enter a Facebook competition you must get a confirmation that it is real and not a fake. However, to confirm that you can send all your queries related to contest on the company’s Facebook feedback page and get answers for your questions.

Attractive prizes

The most attractive feature of Facebook competition is possibility of win exciting prizes. These may include free tickets to movie, trip to your favorite destination, vouchers, coupons, etc.

Country eligibility

To participate in any Facebook competition you first check whether your country is eligible or not.

Interested to play? Follow these above directions and start winning from today onwards!


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