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Posted on: 30th July 2014

If you want to win great stuff online you have to know where and how to get it.  There are many Australian online competitions out there that are legitimate and give away all sorts of great items. Many companies are more than willing to promote their products. They shelve out large amounts of money, large budgets to finance their advertising and promotional activities to attract more consumers.

Win Free Stuff OnlineThese free stuffs are available online for the taking by anyone who is willing to be patient, take chances, join, and participate in any online competition he chooses.

Some tips to win free stuff online:

  • Search the internet. You must first make a systematic search of legitimate competitions. Always read and understand the terms and conditions of each competition. Usually they have varying rules. Then make a list of all the competitions you are interested in, those you want to join and can participate in, and even those that one way or another are not very appealing to you.
  • Try to make a calendar to organize and know when these competitions are going to be held. Post it, place where you can easily view it, so you will not miss any event that you have joined and want to join.
  • Find out what are the prizes or items that are being given away. My advice is you should start from where you have the most chances of winning to the least. Instead of starting from the most desirable prize to the least. The more desirable the giveaway or the prize the more people are going to join and go after it, more odds, the less your chances of winning it. Another advice is to not be picky. You have the potential to win any competition whether you like the prize or not.  Also list down the specific date and time, the start to the end of the contest, requirements, submissions, deadlines, etc.
  • Most of these competitions and freebies being given away are held in different time zones. Find out what time it would be held in your time zone.
  • Set up a personal system, a sort of alarm system both online and offline to remind you that a free stuff give away is up or a comp is about to start or end. Without missing anything you will know when to submit forms, when these items are given away.
  • Set up new email accounts, so you will not be over whelmed, it is much better if you organize your inbox so it helps you locate your notifications much faster.
  • Relax if ever you get an error page when you are in the process of getting freebies. Don’t worry many people are just probably trying to enter the same contest and it is slowing down the website. If you get an error page quickly enter again, unless you see the word thanks anywhere on the page.  Sometime when you enter again you could be disqualified but if you do not see the word thanks anywhere or an acknowledgement or notification, enter again as soon as you can.

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