Win Big Prizes In Cash And Kind With Contests And Sweepstakes – Make It A Family Hobby

Posted on: 5th April 2014

When winners of big prizes are interviewed about what they felt was the most important factor that contributed to their winning, most stated that more than luck was their perseverance. In most cases, these winners were in the habit of entering 50-200 contests and competitions every day spending anything between 4-8 hours on this “hobby”.

A Novel Way To Ensure Winning – Rope In Your Family Members

It makes sense to make the effort to enter as many as possible sweepstakes and contest per day. However, in order to be able to enter the maximum number you need time, high speed Internet connectivity and patience. There are ways however, to make this hobby less stressful and time consuming for one person.

Consider this “hobby” as a family activity and just as you would share chores according to the age and ability of every family member, so you should divide the tasks that relate to entering sweepstakes. The following are the tasks that you will need to allocate:


  1. Finding Sweepstakes/ Contests – have your children/ teens search the Web for the right type of sweepstakes while they use FaceBook or other social media network to communicate with their friends. In this way, they use their online time to help you identify as many sweepstakes/ lists of sweepstakes as possible, which in turn will make it easy for you increase the number you can enter per day.
  2. Specialize In Submitting Entries – you can increase your efficiency and speed by allocating the type of contests/ sweepstakes to various members.  For example, have your spouse/ children use auto-fillers and enter those contests and sweepstakes that require only your details. This is a time intensive redundant and monotonous task. Yet, the more you enter the more chance you would have to win. Allocate those that require creative writing to the “writer” in your family, the photography contests to that member who nurtures this hobby and so on. In this way, over a short period every member in your family would specialize in one particular type of entry and very soon you – as a family – would be submitting hundreds of entries every day.
  3. Keep Track Of Deadlines For Submission And Prize Announcement Dates – have one member of the family follow up the deadlines so you do not miss any. An excel sheet could be maintained where details of sweepstakes are entered so you can keep easy track of each one of the hundreds you are submitting.

When you make it a family hobby, winning would become much easier and by far a lot of fun as well.

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