Win A Share Of $50,000 Cash

Posted on: 13th June 2014

Win A Share Of $50,000 CashBorrowing money these days is relatively easy but if you don’t watch it, it could also easily spiral into insurmountable amounts of debts. The next thing you know, you’re late on your mortgage payments and can’t even afford to make payments for your other obligations.

Don’t give up. There are always options available to you. First, look at your repayments. What if the interest rate goes up? You have to face the facts that it might be an impossibility to actually afford them.

And worse, what if you or your partner lost your job? Don’t freak out yet because even if your finances are already stretched out to impossible limits and no buffer of savings to draw on for that matter, just take a deep breath and do this.

Create a budget. Monitor all your spending habits so you can look at areas where you can save money. Learn to adjust to your situation even if it would mean sacrifices and moving out of your comfort zone. Stick to it because that would really make a difference after a few months.

But don’t deprive yourself too much that all the savings and cutting back has made you lose your motivation to pay off your debts and keep back in tiptop financial shape. Reward yourself from time to time when you know that you can stick to your goals.

Get over the fear factor because that wouldn’t help improve the situation. And lastly, contact your lender so they can provide you with different options that would help you keep up with the mortgage payments. Don’t be embarrassed by your situations; instead, believe that you are doing the right thing of taking actions quickly so it won’t completely ruin your future.

And even if this might sound a little absurd, why not join this competition where you can get lucky and win a share of $50,000 cash???

That would be $5,000 cash package, enough to settle some of the delayed mortgage payments or other debts you already have incurred.

All you have to do is enter your details in this competition page and answer the question “How would you spend the $5,000” in 25 words or less.

This competition brought by the Yellow Brick Road Home Loan Promotion is open to all Australian 18 years old and over. Competition will be running until May 02, 2014. Winners will be selected on May 05, 2014. If you would be one of the lucky winners, you should claim the price by June 30, 2014.

Join now and take the edge off your financial obligations! Good luck!

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