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Posted on: 15th July 2014

Facebook CompetitionApart from various websites that conduct competitions, today many social networking websites such as Facebook also conduct competitions. Social media has changed a lot as on the one hand it helps us in remaining connected with anyone and on the other hand many company and brands have made their pages so that they can reach to their target audience.

Many company and brands are now using social networking websites for the promotion of their products and services. They use Facebook as a tool for connecting with their consumers. People like the company’s and brands’ page and it is their way of showing support. People can also post and comment on any company’s or brand’s Facebook page. These company and brand also conduct competitions for their target audience. If you want to win a competition on Facebook then you must remember few important tips:

Like the company’s and brand’s Facebook page

You start by liking the Facebook page of any company and brand. You can also like and share the competition post. For example, if a brand that is involved in designer clothing, you can start entering the competition by liking their page and competition post. You will get to know what type of questions they ask and there are chances that you will win the competition.

Know your type of competition

There are various types of competition that take place on Facebook. For example, competitions like sweepstakes which are lucky draws or lotteries, Contests that ask people to write captions of the photographs, story writing competition, puzzles and quiz. It is important that you first decide about the type of competition you want to enter because then it’ll be easy for you to win.

Make a separate e-mail id for Facebook competitions

Many company and brand ask for their consumers’ e-mail id for entering into Facebook competitions. They easily get to know who their subscribers are and they include the consumers’ e-mail address and add them in their contacts list. Once they conduct any competitions they send mass e-mails to their subscribers. This is the best way to enter into a Facebook competition. If the company and brand has your e-mail id they can mail you about the details of the competition and it’s easy for you to participate in the competitions.

Know the rules of the Facebook contest

This is very important and you must know the rules of the Facebook competitions before entering into it.

How to know that you have won?

If you have liked the Facebook page of the company and brand then you will get to know about the information of winner on the news feed. Check the Facebook messages box as you might get a message for winning the competition. Also check the other folder in the message.

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