Posted on: 22nd September 2013

Blame it on towering models in the world of high fashion but we cannot deny our desire to appear taller and slimmer, whatever attire we are wearing. Of course, if you have the money to spend for expensive surgeries and other diet regime, it is always easy to do so. But for most regular folks out there, it’s not the case but there is still hope.

Because usually, the answer is just tucked inside your own closet so go ahead and feel free to raid it. Having a longer and slimmer legs and torso will just depend on the kind of clothes you wear so here are some great fashion do’s and dont’s for all petite women:

•           Westfield Gift CardsDo wear undergarments that serve dual purposes – providing comfort and that slimming effect. Make sure you have a proper measurement of any part of your body before buying something, like a bra or a girdle.

•           Do not wear high waist pants. They make your torso appear shorter. Also, stay away from low-waist blazers and jackets because they shorten your legs.

•           Go for fitted pants or solid-coloured pants to elongate your body. And make sure your pants are floor length instead of ending at mid-calf.

•           Don darker-coloured corporate attires or power suits at work. Black, grey, and charcoal do not only hide any bulges but also look very professional.

•           If you want to add a little bit colour to your wardrobe, stick to pale or pastel hues, never bright shades.

•           A high quality pair of stilettos, heels, or boots will always give you that sexy and confident look.

•           Do wear your hair short and close to your face. If you love your long locks, go for a straight style.

•           Do pair your belts with high waist jackets or low-waist shirts.

•           Do stay away from bright and busy patterns – same thing with fussy details and intricate patterns.

•           Do dress up with one colour from head to toe to achieve a taller, slimmer silhouette.

•           Do practice good posture because it is not only good for your health but also makes so much difference in your aura and confidence.

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