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Posted on: 22nd September 2013

A lady should know how to wear shimmer eye shadows, regardless of her age. It brings out the beauty in the eyes and adds confidence to the person. Whether you are aiming towards a playful look, bold and dramatic, or au naturel – shimmer eye shadows are perfect accessories to recreate that specific look.

First things first: determine your skin tone. According to makeup artists, women with light to medium complexion should use shimmer eye shadows in smaller amounts. Those with olive skin should just smear it on gently just to provide a subtle gleam. In this case, the rule “a little goes a long way” really applies.

To apply just the right amount, use a large shadow brush to cover the entire lid and the crease. The trick to having great looking eyes is to blend shimmer eye shadows with two other colours. Apply light shades first and top it off with darker shades to create a seamless look.

Free L'Oreal SamplesFor a playful and natural look, choose hues like lavender or green shade and apply it under your lower lashes. On the other hand, bronze or pewter, olive green, and khaki shades are some of the eye shadow palettes that can give you that sultry and irresistible look.

Some ladies want to use shimmer eye shadows to define their upper lash lines. To achieve an unexpected sparkle, a small angle brush is best used for this. By wetting the end of the brush first before applying your shimmer eye shadow, an intense and smokey look can be created.

Shimmer eye shadows can also provide you with that clean, crisp look by just lining the base of your upper lash line only. If you want a more dramatic finish, use your shimmer eye shadow under your lower lash line too.

Most importantly, you have to know how much you should use to highlight or define any part of your eyes with shimmer eye shadows. If you know the perfect way to use it, it can even hide any wrinkles or lines on your lids. Shimmer eye shadow can also be used to brighten up your face!

Another well-known advice you should always consider is whatever eye shadow you are using, it will only work best if you have a clean, flawless and smooth skin first. Before you apply your shimmer eye shadows, use a great foundation as well as concealer to hide any imperfections or discoloration.

Wearing shimmer eye shadow properly

Shimmer eye shadows should accentuate your eyes, not the other way around. Use a light shade to brush up your eye lid before applying your shimmer eye shadow above the eye lid or the outer crease.

Shimmer eye shadows are perfect for evening events. To produce a gorgeous impact, match your outfit with some of the shades from your shimmer eye shadow. You would instantly feel sexier and sultrier.

Illuminate your face by brushing the entire lid with a shimmer eye shadow in gold or pearly shade. Use a water resistant cream base before putting on your shimmer eye shadow if you have an oily skin.

Shimmer eye shadows pop out when paired together with blue shades especially if you have brown eyes. And don’t let your lip colour compete with it. Just apply a nude or neutral lipstick and you’re all set to shine throughout the evening.

Shimmer eye shadow is a bold move to make you stand out in the crowd. Learn how to combine it properly with the other shades in your eye shadow palettes for a glamorous and unforgettable evening.

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