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Posted on: 22nd September 2013

You want everything to be perfect on your graduation day. It is, by far, the most important even of your life and you want to be as gorgeous-looking as you can be to make a worthwhile activity to look back into it and even watch its video over and over again. What can be more horrifying than looking at photographs that bring out your worst side? And with the undeniable presence of social networking sites, you just want people to like or comment on your pictures for the right reason and not because you look funny or embarrassing.
Graduation is a significant milestone for many people especially girls. And it all boils down to one essential piece: the graduation dress. Even if it is just going to be a casual event, you want to put your best foot forward and have that air of confidence when you walk into the school grounds or auditorium.

Win $1000 Worth of WardrobeIt is a good thing that you can find many online and offline boutiques that offer great selections on graduation dresses. Of course, you have to determine what type of dress you would actually feel most beautiful with. You have to know what you want to hide and accentuate. You also have to consider the time of year in which the ceremony will be held. It would be a shame if you look like a million dollars in your graduation dress but then you have to cover it up with a hideous jacket because you forgot that it is freezing outside.

The following includes some basic information about the different things to consider when selecting a graduation dress.


If your graduation day falls during the summer time, then dresses that are fun, light, and flirty are great selections for starters. Fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk are perfect for making you look and feel great even under the scorching sun. As for cold months, fabrics such as wool, thick cotton and mohair are your options. Just by choosing the right fabric, design, and style that is appropriate for the weather, rest assured that you’re all set to receive your diploma with a big smile on your face.


Graduation dresses should not be too short because it might be inappropriate for the event. Even if you have the gams to die for, this is not the right time to show it off. But if your dress is also too long, you might accidentally trip on your way, which is the worst possible situation that can happen while you are receiving your degree. If you have never worn dresses with long hemlines or you are not comfortable wearing it, then you have to find that graduation dress with the right length that would make you feel most comfortable, and yet very respectable for the occasion. Often, the best graduation dresses are those that fall just above or just below the person's knee.

Colour and Pattern

Ceremonial robes are usually donned by graduates so you want your dress to match your robes, not clash with it. Make sure that your graduation dress will complement your skin tone and will look seamlessly divine when paired with the ceremonial robes.

Straps and Sleeves

Straps and sleeves are also some of the considerations when buying a graduation dress. Educational institutions usually have dress codes that prohibit the strapless look or even spaghetti straps. That is something you should keep in mind when choosing a graduation dress so you won’t be disappointed for returning something that does not meet the dress codes of your school.

You can choose a short-sleeved dress or a long-sleeved one, depending on whether you want to cover your entire arm or not. Of course, if your school will allow it, you can choose a halter dress or one that has criss-crossed straps.


Shape or Silhouette of the Dress

Your graduation dress should flatter your figure, regardless of your size or height. It is important to look over different stores to determine which will accentuate your figure in the right way. A fitted dress can emphasize either your top or bottom half. A flowing dress is comfortable and can hide any flaws or imperfections. A-line skirts or pencil cut is best worn with stilettos. As long as it makes you feel and look good, then you don’t have to restrict yourself with the fad these days.



The straps and silhouette of your graduation dress can have an impact on its neckline. Do not choose a very revealing neckline because it might earn the disapproval of everyone in the audience as well as the graduation guests on stage. A little cleavage might be worth the risk but beyond that is something you want to drop out of your options. Choose a neckline that would also go well with your choice of jewellery. If you want to show off that strand of pearls from your grandmother, then don’t choose a neckline that is too high. If you don’t want to catch a cold outside, then don’t choose a neckline that reveals your neck and shoulders.


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