Why You Should Go to Denmark

Posted on: 7th July 2014

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The Danish are proclaimed as the happiest people in the world. Numerous studies have proved this again and again. But what is secret of this contentment and happiness? Is it the free education and health care, or is it the five weeks of holiday every year? Or it might just be the Danish approach to life, which is positive, and involves the consumption of large quantities of beer and candy.

Basking in the sun

When summer is at its height, daylight crosses its 17th hour, therefore, giving people a longer time to bask in the sun. The Danish make the most of this charm by spending their time outdoors, covered in blankets, and enjoying yummy snacks in the company of good friends. These small get-togethers tend to continue till late at night because the land is never entirely enveloped in darkness, even if the sun has gone down.

Bathe in design

“It doesn’t cost money to light a room correctly, but it does require culture,” says PoulHenningsen. The Danes have got style – you have to give them that.

Although the classic designs of the Danes may seem better incorporated into a James Bond film rather than in the interior of a home, many of these designs are exquisitely merged into the daily life. While you are travelling in Denmark, pay heed to your surroundings. You are very likely to find that the comfy chair in a hotel lobby or the cutlery in a local restaurant is displayed at museums around the world.

Take a walk

Whether it is raining and you need boots and umbrellas, or the sun is shining and you need sunglasses, the country is a charming place to walk in. roam around the narrow streets that are made of cobblestone, the gardens and parks which are neatly trimmed and the harbour fronts; you will notice uniquely Danish sights along your way. Because the land is very flat, do not be worried about climbing steep slopes.

English Speaking Population

More than 80% of the Danish population is well-versed in English. So, you will have no communication problems when travelling in Denmark. Because the Danish are entitled to free education, they tend to speak better English than the average American or Brit.

Public Transportation

Because the country is small, you can cover distances in about ten minutes, and you can ride the entire city of Copenhagen in a weekend. Copenhagen is the most hassle-free city you can visit. The average Dane rides about 375 miles every year. So, get a bike and give those lazy legs some exercise, and indulge in a true Danish experience.


The country is a feast any time of the year with its great wealth of activities and festivals to engage in. Denmark has lush green parks, elegant restaurants, and fascinating museums that you can visit. After a long day at work, go to the Opera House to calm your senses or take a stroll across its beautiful green landscape to soothe yourself.

The Roskilde Festival (outdoor rock music festival) and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival take place in July when the weather is pleasant. If you want to be a part of these festivals, visit in July. Other than that, live music is played in most small bars in the inner city.


Cosiness and hospitality are some of the remarkable qualities of Denmark. And from the moment you land on Danish soil, you will feel welcomed. The Danish population is broad-minded and well-educated because of which the country is a very safe place to travel in.

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