Why you Should Enter Competitions to Win an iPhone 5

Posted on: 8th May 2013

Win an iPhone 5Not sure whether or not you should enter a competition to win an iPhone 5? These ten solid reasons should convince you to start browsing our listings and start submitting those entries now…


  • The iPhone 5 weighs 20% less than the iPhone 4. For a phone that you carry with you everywhere, every day, that’s a pretty significant difference.


  • You don’t have to worry about getting a case for an iPhone 5. Older models had a problem with shattering, but apple have managed to sort it out. Most of the phone is encased in aluminium, and stronger glass is used.


  • There are no ridiculous antenna issues, such as the ones that plagued its predecessor.


  • The iPhone 5 is much faster. Experts are saying that the iPhone 5 is the fastest smartphone on the market. It loads videos faster plus it loads pages in safari faster. Picture editing is also a breeze.


  • If you are using a data plan that supports LTE, getting data from the internet is just as quick as Wi-Fi. Video and web browsing on the go is much faster as a result.


  • The iPhone 5 screen is much bigger: the picture and color quality is far better, and everything looks awesome.


  • If you love taking self portraits (we’re sayin’ nothing!) the iPhone 5 has a much improved front camera.


  • Most experts agree that the iPhone five is excellent. The ergonomics are super important and you will just love holding this device.


  • Phones hold their value so you can sell your old iPhone for extra cash if you win.


  • Best of all, if you win an iPhone 5, it’s totally free!


If you are presently an iPhone user, upgrading to the new iPhone 5 is well worth it. You will be so glad you took the chance and entered an iPhone 5 competition.


So what are you waiting for?

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