Posted on: 11th July 2014

South Korea is known to be “The Land of the Morning Calm” for it is a place that lets its natural beauty shine through without any pretence or effort. It is a very remarkable country rich in culture, history and fascinating attractions that would make all your hard-earned dollars well-spent. Here are just five excellent reasons why you should visit South Korea.

  1. Korean Food. Korean food is a little bit of everything – uniquely good and savoury, eccentrically intricate yet downright healthful for the body. Though boiled rice is still a staple food in Korea, kimchi (fermented cabbage) is still the Korean national dish. Every traditional meal in Korea won’t be complete without it. Bulgogi (which is seasoned beef in flavoursome sauce with mixed vegetables), bibimbap (which is hot steamed rice mixed with vegetables and topped with fried sunny side up egg) and japchae (stir fried noodles) are just some signature South Korean dishes that you should try.
  1. Tourist Attractions. South Korea is a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional culture which is evident in its tourist attractions. One good place to visit while you are in South Korea is the Jejudo or commonly known as the Jeju Island. This place is considered as one of the top honeymoon places of Korean newlyweds. Another place is the Gyeongju, a small city known as the museum without walls. The famous Bulguksa Temple is located in this city. Of course, let us not forget the capital city of South Korea – Seoul. Seoul has many stunning landmarks that would definitely make for a worthwhile visit. It is also known to be the home of numerous street vendors. During night time, it is best to visit the famous bridge, which is the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain or the Banpo Bridge. It is a major bridge that connects the Seocho and Yongsan districts. This bridge fountain, with 10,000 LED nozzles, is considered as the world’s longest bridge fountain as stated in the Guinness Book of World Record.South Korea
  1. Korean Nore-bang. If you love singing yet you are too shy to sing in front of many people, this is a good place for you. Nore-bang is South Korea’s version of the Japanese Karaoke. It is a private room wherein you can sing anything to your heart’s content and not worry about other strangers’ stares or comments. You can go on a Nore-bang spree on your own or you can bring along your friends to add more fun and excitement.
  1. Festivals. South Korea has an abundance of festivals, which usually is concentrated around spring and autumn although you can find all sorts of celebrations all year round. South Korean people love to organize feasts in honour of their religious leaders and country’s heroes as well as for simple activities like swimming in icy-cold waters, the appearance of fireflies in June, or organized mud play in July. Regional festivals are popular too, which is a reflection of the varied Korean culture and way of life of the people.  The Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, which is considered as the most popular festival of the country attracting millions of people worldwide is celebrated every year during spring time, between the end of March and early April. This festival shows a commemoration to Admiral Yi Sun-shin who played a great role in defeating the Japanese army. During the few short weeks in this festival, there is a virtual sea of pale-pink cherry blossoms from more than 300,000 trees in the charming town of Jinhae.
  2. KPOP. Of course, your stay in Korea will not be complete if you will not be able to at least indulge a little bit to the KPOP (Korean Pop) mania that’s gripping the nation. Watch them live or just listen to their music on the radio and it won’t be a surprise if you’d get hooked with the upbeat sound of different KPOP groups like Super Junior, TVXQ, BigBang, Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, and many more. They have had their share on the top places in different music charts not only in South Korea but even in other Asian countries. KPOP is undoubtedly making names even in different parts of the globe. The video “Gangnam Style”, performed by a KPOP artist named Psy, has been the top dancing song in 2012. Its 1.7 billion YouTube views made it the most viewed YouTube video. The good-looking and talented K-Pop sensations have now given birth to South Korea’s Hallyu Wave.

Enjoy your South Korean vacation!

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