Why Bermuda is the Perfect Vacation Destination

Posted on: 18th June 2014

Bermuda VacationEveryone wants to plan a perfect vacation for themselves once in a while and avail their holidays but very few people actually make use of them by going off for vacations. Mostly on average 2 to 3 leaves are left unused by many. Mostly the reasons may be financial or because they are simply too lazy to plan. However, according to a survey by Expedia in 2012, majority of people dream of having a beach holiday.

Hence, if you are also suffering from “vacation deprivation”, and would like to go somewhere this year for a perfect holiday, Bermuda is the right place for you. As soon as you land there, you see the subtropical British islands with beautiful pink sand, pastel houses, historic neighbourhoods and clear blue water. It makes you believe that you have finally reached that dream destination of yours.

Big millionaires and billionaires have their luxurious homes in the Bermuda Islands. Hollywood stars like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have homes across boatyards occupied with deluxe yachts. If you are thinking that you can visit Bermuda with a low budget, don’t do so. Because most of the hotels cost more than 350 dollars for a single night, so it might burn a big hole in your pocket even after just 24 hours of stay here. A plain burger with French fries can cost you as much as 25 dollars even in small hotels, and shopping is also expensive. But still, it is not as if you will have to break your bank for spending an enjoyable weekend at Bermuda.

If you really want to visit Bermuda and don’t have an exhaustive budget, you can visit during off seasons. Since Bermuda is a subtropical region of the Atlantic, even in winters it is much warmer and in summers its climate is more preferable than other tropical islands of the Caribbean. Even in winters the temperature here hardly falls below 60 degree Fahrenheit. Hence the off season, which is from November to March, is quite suitable for golf, tennis, shopping and wandering off the beach. Instead of booking a hotel resort, you can save by renting a furnished apartment or villa. Bermuda Getaway has a list of good properties in this regard.

The transportation system in Bermuda is not only efficient but also cheap and easy to avail. Since renting cars is neither really possible nor necessary on the island, there are no car rental shops either. The more frequently used transport system in Bermuda is the buses. The island has three major bus routes where buses run at an interval of every 15 minutes. If you want to have an even more breathtaking view of the island, then you can explore it by ferry. The ferry service is also run frequently and the Bermuda Ministry of Transport is in charge of that.

Accommodation is mostly full in peak season times i.e. from May to September. But since Bermuda is not merely a land of hotels and resorts, you can also find accommodation in family run rental apartments and rooms which will not only be comfortable but also quite cost effective for you. Bermuda has something nice to offer for lodging even for the last minute planners. If you have a fair enough budget and also plan vacations in advance, book your room at the Hamilton Princess or Fairmont Southampton Resort. There is even a ferry service between the two which will allow you to take benefit from the facilities provided at both resorts. While you are there, it is definitely a must to see the underground Crystal Caves and the above-ground Horseshoe Bay.

Eating is as much fun at Bermuda as the sightseeing. If you are a fish lover, eat out at Swizzle Inn which will offer you the best rockfish and fries along with a jar of Bermuda’s national drink.

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