Which Airline is The Best For Travelling?

Posted on: 23rd October 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can stretch out all you want on a very comfortable economy-class seat? But the truth is, there is a high price tag every time you want to experience luxury and utmost relaxation while on an airplane. And you don’t want to always feel traumatized by your flight experience that would make you want to cancel your adventure holiday. It is hard to find a good airline that treats you like VIPs without checking out your pocketbook range. Nevertheless, there are airlines that go out of their way to satisfy their guests to the fullest. Carriers from Asia and Middle East rule the game. Here is a list of top world airlines that would be perfect for your adventure travel.

Longing for a nap? Take the

Best Airplane to TravelAir New Zealand. Its “Sky Couch” offers flip-up seating to give you that extra room for napping. Its superb in-flight service and food are also some of the reasons why it ranked 4th in the World’s Best Airline.

Etihad Airways has consistent high scores on every aspect. It comes as no surprise why this United Arab Emirates-based carrier is 3rd on the top World’s Best Airlines. Ergo-friendly “slim seats” are what makes Korean Air so popular among all Asian carriers. It ranked 9th because its economy-class seating allows every customer to recline without any noise.

Of course, passengers adore airlines with faster Wi-Fi on-board. Carriers with charging stations and USB ports on each seat also earn the two-thumbs up of frequent fliers. If you are serving Swiss-made chocolates, cheese, and fine wines – chances are, you would easily be packed to the hilt.

Robotic is one word that describes the service of Singapore Airlines. Its trademark “Singapore Girls” never fail to impress all passengers with their efficiency, precision, and cheerfulness. The passion and dedication they have for their job is evident on the way they address people or make sure that they are not hungry or uncomfortable. They would know every detail inside the cabin but it doesn’t make you feel like being watched all the time.

If you are on a constant lookout for an airline with the best food, try Asiana. Its wide range of eastern and western cuisines is simply unbelievable. Mediocrity has no place when it comes to their food preparation. Everything always tastes mouth-watering and authentic. Other airlines fail at this aspect because they complicate their dishes when they should know that food changes its flavour and texture when on a higher altitude.

Excellent is not enough of a word to describe the kind of entertainment that Cathay Pacific provides to its passengers. It makes the list of top world airlines for adventure travel because its food, seat, service are impeccable. With its awesome entertainment system, Studio CX, your travel would be dull-free. You can have dinner for two if you fly first-class because of the “buddy seat” as well as the table extender on this section. How about that for some quality time with your spouse or partner?

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