Where To Get Free iPhone Ringtones?

Posted on: 31st July 2014

Most people with iPhone have experienced that odd moment when marimba ringtone sound is heard, but it turned out that it wasn’t your phone but just another person with an iPhone. That’s why it is so necessary to have a ringtone that you can recognize as yours, so you do not miss important calls and avoid being surprised by ringing of another person with same ringtone.

Getting Ringtones For Free:

Free iPhone RingtonesIt’s true that some people simply go to iTunes and purchase ringtones for their iPhones. But, for others, it is more appealing to get ringtones for free because free ringtones make it easier to switch between the ringtones than the paid ones. There are couple of important factors to consider when it comes to getting ringtones for free.

Not All Free iPhone Ringtones Are Same:

One popular source of getting free ringtones is through mobile apps and websites. Many websites offer free ringtones of popular songs, but when the users download them from their computer and transfer to their iPhone, they are shocked by low quality. Similar is said for mobile apps as well, and sometimes, not all mobile apps list functional ringtones that can be used for iPhone (these ringtones work in the app, but not globally for iPhone itself).

Two Ways to Get Free iPhone Ringtones:

First, you can use free ringtone apps on the App Store to create your own ringtones using music that you already have in your iPhone or computer. The benefit to this is that ringtone quality will likely be guaranteed, and that you can create ringtones for some less known songs that do not have ringtones yet. An example of such app is ringtone designer, which is simple to use but powerful enough to select the part of song that you want.

Second, there are legitimate free apps and websites that provide ringtones in good quality. However, due to copyright issues, many of these apps will have general ringtone sounds as opposed to the latest songs from Billboard Charts. Hence, using pre-made iPhone ringtones may require sacrificing either ringtone quality or available selections.

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