When You Know That You Have To Stop – Are You Addicted

Posted on: 17th May 2014

When you are entering sweepstakes, you cannot stop with a few. To win you need to find and enter 30-100 per day, every day. Most people do not get addicted to finding and entering these contests and sweepstakes; however, they do get addicted to winning. These people are actually addicted to the high they feel when they receive that “Congratulations! You have won!” message in their inbox.

Definition of Addiction

“Addiction” is defined as “a compulsive pull to engage in an activity or task that provides a psychological need that one cannot control”. It sounds scary – and none of sweepstakes addicts – also known as “sweepers” – will agree to it. Most of the sweepers would stress that entering sweepstakes and everything relating these contests is fun; and winning is even more fun.

What Is The Worst Case Scenario?

Addiction starts to be recognizable when one starts spending more than 5 hours on the computer on this task. And yet, many would say that if you want to win there is no limit to the effort you should put it as the more you work at it, the more entries you fill in, the better are your chances to win. Hence, what you would see as an addiction, I might see as “hard work”, which I put in to better my chances to win the big prize (and many smaller prizes).

Fortunately – and perhaps the main reason why sweepstakes are so popular – sweepstakes entries are more often than not free. Sometimes, some purchases are necessary or a token fee is necessary – but that is rare. Hence, this hobby/ occupation does not impact your life financially. However, it is highly time intensive and it will eat in the time you would have reserved for your family – especially when you take entering sweepstakes as a hobby and you have a full time job.

In this case the worst case scenario is that you would end up stuck to your computer every possible “free” time you find and end up as a recluse – as you would reduce interaction with others, including your family to the minimum. Unlike gambling however, families tend to support the family member/ members who are “addicted” to sweepstakes because of the fun they get when winning. Unlike gambling, winning with sweepstakes is common and the prizes can be as fabulous.

Nonetheless, it is important that you are aware that you could get addicted to this “hobby” and end up being totally consumed by it. To ensure that this does not happen – limit your time earmarked for sweepstakes to maximum 4 hours if you are doing it part time and 8 hours if you are doing it for a living. If you feel compelled to go beyond it, then you might be addicted. Take measures to see pleasure in other hobbies or distract yourself by watching TV. Happy winning!

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