What's Your Fragrance Personality?

Posted on: 16th February 2014

Are you one who buys the “best on the market’ perfume just because you want the best always? There is one more reason quoted by people who are in the habit of picking only certain bestseller – ‘you cannot wrong with these perfumes’ they say. Wrong! You actually can go awfully wrong when you wear any fragrance without giving it a thorough thought.

Wearing a perfume requires a lot of thought such as the place you want to wear it, how it smells on you, and lastly how it matches your own personality.

5 Categories of Perfumes To Choose From – there are 5 distinct categories in which all perfumes are classified, i.e. oriental, fruity, floral, green and woody.

  1. Woody Category Perfumes – this is the scent for people who love outdoors, who are more comfortable doing a hike than going to a party. These people are practical, physical and often quite outgoing.

Examples: Dolce Vita of Dior, 1740 Marquis de Sade and Histories de Parfums Noir Patchouli.

  1. Green Category Perfumes – green fragrances are the fashionable ones. They are casual, sporty and fun types. These perfumes depict youth, fun, freshness and natural glow. This type suits people who are relaxed and laid back; they are outdorish but not overly physical. A day spent on a wonderfully beautiful quiet beach is the way they would spend a fun day. These perfumes exude smells of ivy leaves, rhubarb, hyacinth, petit grain, violet leaves and galbanum among others.

Examples: Chanel No19, Balmain’s Vent Vert, or Histoires de Rafum Vert Pivoine.

  1. Floral Category Perfumes – These are without doubt the favorite on the market today. They depict romance, feminine instincts, sweetness, fragile beauty among others. These perfumes can have one particular flower scent or it can have a bouquet of smells. The personality that matches here would be a person who revels in being feminine, who loves classic romantic movies for a fun day, who wears impeccably tailored clothes and is very careful about how she looks, who wears the least makeup and still feels and looks great.

Examples:  Yves St Laurent’s Paris, stee Lauder’s Pleasures or Histoires de Parfums Tuberose 2 Virginale in this category.

  1. Fruity Category of Perfumes – the fruity category is the favorite among the youth today. It depicts originality, just enough spice, lots of energy and a quest to get there. The most prominent among these smells are melon, peace, apricot, raspberry, red currant, cherry and apple.

Examples: Very Irresistible from Givenchy, or Hisotoires de Parfum 1804.

  1. Oriental Category Of Perfumes – the name is synonymous with exotic, sensual, sexy, erotic, and rich smells. These scents are warm, inviting and sensual. These are best for those who love to fall in love, to flirt, to make new friends, to live life full size.

Examples:  Shalimar from Guerlain and Histoires de Parfums Ambre.

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