What's the difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S?

Posted on: 26th August 2013

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4SAnyone who is a fan of Apple and has been looking at new smartphones has probably been looking at the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. While the two phones are very similar, the average consumer should consider a few key differences before purchase.

The first noticeable difference between the two phones is an external one. The external body of the 5 is slightly taller than that of the 4S. While it has gotten taller, the 5 is also a bit thinner and lighter than its predecessor. With the increased size of the external body, the 5 is also able to increase the total size of the screen from three and a half to 4 inches. Though they have a different screen sizes, they both use Apple's famous retina display.

The other large external change that Apple has introduced with the 5 is a change to the power and data connector. The new connector, which Apple calls the lightning connector, is much smaller and sturdier than the previous 30-pin connector, but consumers should be aware that any accessories they own that connect through the old 30-pin power and data connector will not work with the new iPhone unless they buy an adapter.

When looking at the 5, we see that Apple has put an effort into making this the fastest iPhone yet. The 5 has the newest microprocessor and has double the RAM of the 4S, which means that the hardware of the 5 will run more smoothly than that of the 4S. The 5 also has the most up-to-date version of cellular data connectivity. While the 4S runs off of the more antiquated 3G, the 5 uses LTE technology which means that it will process information from the internet and internet driven applications much more quickly than the 4S. Though the 5 comes with the newer iOs 6, as of March 2013 the 4S can be upgraded to iOs 6.

There are also several other small changes and upgrades between the 4S and the 5, like a slightly better camera and increased battery life, but the only other thing that most consumers may consider to be a make or break difference between the two is the price. The iPhone 5 is $199, while the iPhone 4S is only $99, though they both require a contract for those relatively cheap prices.

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