What Vicky Did With Her Apple Win

Posted on: 31st October 2013

Christmas season is still quite far but that didn’t stop Vicky from being generous to her best friend on her birthday. Just recently, Vicky won a new iPad mini from one of her comping endeavours and though she was absolutely delighted to have it, she didn’t hesitate to give it out as a birthday present for one of her besties. Here’s a look at an interview with Vicky:

Have already bought/won an iPad mini in the past? If you already have one, what are your plans for your new iPad mini?

Vicky Apple WinnerI have never won an iPad/iPad mini before but already got one for my birthday so I gave this one to my best friend for her birthday.

What do you like the most about the iPad mini?

My friend has said the iPad mini is great because it takes up very little space in her handbag and is light in weight.

What are the iPad mini’s coolest apps?

My friend has said the best apps for the iPad mini are Candy Crush, Shazam, Face & Instagram.

Any advice for compers out there who are crazy about Apple devices?

Enter any comp and every comp. If you love Apple devices, you're bound to win one eventually.

Do you still wish you could win more Apple devices in the future? Why or why not?

Absolutely! I love Apple devices, they're easy to use and have the greatest accessories.

What a lucky friend Vicky has! Indeed, her simple act of kindness and generosity makes her worthy of winning that iPad mini. We can all learn something from her. Joining competitions should bring out the best in us: positive outlook in life, that winning attitude regardless of the results, and that sense of altruism which makes you connect even better to people you love – even if you’re racing the deadlines for all those soon-to-end online contests, lol! Good luck compers!

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