What Is The Best Fishing Rod To Catch That Winning Fish

Posted on: 25th May 2013

The phrase “you get what you pay for” is something you would usually hear when you’re around saltwater. Most of the time, this is true but it doesn’t mean you have to blow your whole months’ worth of budget so you can get the best fishing rod out there. This article will guide you to the kind of pole you need whether you want to indulge in your favorite pastime or you want to have that edge during fishing competitions. Beginners, advanced fishermen, and sport fishing fanatics can compare its price, reliability, and durability.

Best Fishing Rod1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Spinning Rod

Price: $29-$39
Action: Ultra-light, Light, Medium, Medium-heavy
Description: If you are just starting on your fascination with angling or fishing competition, these are great poles even when you are on a tight budget. Even the heaviest fish won’t break this stick. The Ugly Stik's® exclusive Howald Process Double-Built construction is a rod with superior strength and sensitivity that's guaranteed to last because it features a graphite inner core with an outside layer of E-Glass.

2. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Inshore Spinning Rod

Price: $37
Action: Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy
Description: The legendary toughness of an Ugly Stik plus nicely balanced, lightweight rods with even tapers for tossing live bait or artificial ones. Its one-piece blanks are fitted with eight genuine Fuji® guidesets and feature ''total touch'' exposed-blank reel seats on casting models. EVA split grips.

3. Shakespeare's Ugly Stik Lite®

Price: $40
Action: Ultra-lite, Light, Medium
Description: This tackle can be any inshore saltwater fishing enthusiast’s best friend. Its even-tapered parabolic action lets you toss a finger mullet or shrimp bait effortlessly. Built with the famous Ugly Stik Clear-Tip® for extra strength and sensitivity with cork grips and Fuji® components, all Ugly Stiks come with the ''Ugly Back'' 60-day/5-year limited warranty.

4. Fenwick Eagle GT Spinning Rod

Price: $58
Action: Medium, Heavy
Description: Whether you are on to serious kayak fishing, fierce competition fly fishing or just a regular chap enjoying being out on the water to develop new tactics, the redesigned multi-tapered Eagle GT series is the answer. With improved accuracy and casting distance, you'll catch fish you only dreamed of and intensify your passion for fishing to the next level. This is a high-performance rod that meets the demands of every angling situation. The hard chromium-plated SS304 guides are up to 55% lighter and 20 times more durable than standard aluminium-oxide guides. The multi-laminate graphite layup produces the ideal combination of light weight, sensitivity and strength.

5. Daiwa Coastal Specialty Gulfcoast Inshore-Live Bait Rods

Price: $75-$80
Action: Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy, Extra Heavy
Description: It is meant for all-purpose angling, so you’ll definitely agree that it represents an outstanding value. You won’t be disappointed with its lightweight modulus graphite blanks fitted with cut-proof Fuji® Hardloy® guides, Fuji reel seats with stainless hoods, and quality cork grips and featuring a non-glare matte finish.

6. Okuma's Citrix Lightweight Fishing Rods

Price: $95-$120
Action: Medium Light, Medium
Description: Don’t be fooled by its great looks because its graphite blank construction and lightweight EVA split grips for reduced weight will provide you with plenty of action. It has Pac Bay MINIMA reel seat for reduced weight, custom anodized aluminium reel seat threads for strength and balance, and zero fore-grip design for improved balance and weight reduction. Adding to its head-turning power are its ALPS stainless steel guide frames, stainless steel hook keeper, and Zirconium line guide inserts for use with braid or mono lines.

7. St. Croix Tidemaster

Price: $130-$190
Action: Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy
Description: The action gets hotter every time you throw plugs, tins, and bucktails at stripers and blues. Whatever stage of tide or haven you are dealing with, the Tidemaster® Inshore series can rise up to the challenge. No rod is more tuned in to the challenges of fishing inshore. It is lightweight and perfectly balanced. You will have a blast ripping tube lures past voracious barracuda or subtly dropping a crab on the nose of a permit or bonefish because it is built on 1-piece SCII premium graphite blanks featuring specialized taper designs and Batson Forecast aluminum ozide guides with 316 stainless steel frame.

8. Element 21 Salty Carrot Stix Inshore Rod

Price: $150 - $170
Action: Medium Light, Medium, Medium Heavy. Heavy
Description: Anglers aiming for the big catch will be impressed with its proprietary stress-free design analysis program that allows the creation of a blank that is evenly stressed from tip to butt. Don’t settle for anything less. This stick is made from Element 21's high modulus nano-Bio-fiber (carrots) polymer graphite technology, yielding incredibly light, yet strong and responsive action for landing the big ones. It also features proprietary guides with TiCH frames and inserts, high-quality Caxin reel seats, Thermalon grips and butt grips with rubberized cork butt caps, and integrated weight port to allow for personalized balancing.

9. G. Loomis Pro Green Series

Price: $240-$270
Action: Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy
Description: These are made especially for anglers who favour light jigs, soft plastics, topwaters, and other small artificials. Specialized inshore rods with fast-action tips, you'll enjoy its unique blend of power, light weight and sensitivity whether you’ll be making short, accurate snap casts to standing cover, or long prospecting casts in open water. All feature powerful butt sections to help you move big fish with ease, yet like all G. Loomis rods they're light enough to fish all day with minimal fatigue. Great for reds, trout, permit, snook, bones, small tarpon, schoolie blues and stripers.

10. American Rodsmiths H3 Team Redfish Rods

Price: $280
Action: Medium
Description: The ultimate workhorse for anglers, these rods have been putting Redfish in the boat and recording wins at an unbelievable pace. Light weight, ultra-sensitive and strong, these rods are a joy to fish with all day long. You can find one that is perfect for every freshwater and inshore saltwater application. They are made to get wet and just performs even better as they stay longer in the water.

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