What is Online Ticketing and How Does it Work?

Posted on: 3rd August 2013

Online ticketing systems are a great way for an organization to allow its customers to buy tickets to their events online without the difficulty of setting up their own system for online ticketing. Customers are booking online more often then ever and the trend is not going away. Today’s customers expect to be able to select their seats and buy their tickets online and have their tickets delivered to their doorstep. Being able to offer this service will help increase ticket sales.

Online TicketingOnline ticketing systems typically provide a large degree of services for groups scheduling events. In addition to online ticketing, they often provide ticket selection, ticket printing and delivery services. Some provide credit card processing services or process Pay Pal payments. They also offer a range of reporting services so their clients can track sales and marketing efforts. They may also assist you in your online marketing efforts for your event.

There are a number of ticketing services so it is a good idea to shop around and find one that has the services that matter to your organization and to get the best price for them. It may be a good idea to see the various options the different companies have available and make a list of the ones that are important to you. A major consideration will be payment handling. Some systems can handle credit card processing, some can’t. The timing of payments is also important. Does the system get you the money as it comes in or does it wait until after the event has concluded? Many systems offer free trials or demonstrations so you can try it before you buy it and make sure that the feel is right for your organization and your event.

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