What Do You Do When You Are Addicted To Gambling?

Posted on: 11th June 2014

Addicted To GamblingThere is not one person in this whole world does not love to flirt with the idea that one day they could win a huge lottery. This idea has the power to bring a smile on anyone face. This is often the idea that motivates people to buy lottery tickets at regular intervals. With every ticket purchased, you would feel that you would have gained one more chance to fulfill this amazing dream.

The Line Between Fun And Obsession Is Hair Thin

When playing for fun, this is a great pastime. There are a number of reputed and well tried and tested lotteries in Australia and throughout the world which have time and again made someone extremely happy with huge winnings.

If you love the idea of winning big, it is a good thing to buy tickets/ entries weekly or monthly to such draws. However you always need to keep a close eye on your motivation so the fun does not turn into obsession. Here are a red flags that will indicate you are playing out of addiction:

  • You are neglecting your work – you will find you are spending more and more time finding lotteries and lucky drawings, while your work is suffering.
  • You are losing a lot of money and you cannot stop – if you are buying tickets regularly, of course you would have a budget for your lottery hobby. However, if you find that you feel compelled to buy tickets for every lottery you find of the Net, you are becoming addicted.
  • You put playing lottery above family time – you find that that every moment you have free you prefer to spend it on finding new lotteries to play. Your mind is occupied with one thought – how to enter more and more lotteries.
  • You cannot sleep at night as you would rather be online playing various luck games – you sleep just a few hours or sometimes even go without sleep because you spend all the time on finding lotteries, drawings and other luck games. You feel that every moment you spend otherwise is wasted.
  • You get in debt to maintain your need to buy lottery tickets or gamble online – what started with a budget has now gone much beyond. Now, you are borrowing money, taking all types of loans to support your need to play. You are realizing that you are slipping into debt but cannot help it.

Beware of these red flags. If you find anyone of these in yourself or anyone close to you, seek immediate help. A step in time – when you observe these red flags - would save you from a lot of grief later.

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