What do judges look for in art and design competitions?

Posted on: 29th July 2014

Art and design competitions are the platform for those who have an immense talent in the field of art and design and want to show their creativity. Judges will only pick the best art and design and if you want to be the best then you must know few important points while entering into any art and design competition.

When entering into any art competition you must know that how can your art work can get most appealable to the audience. The judges will look for uniqueness in the art work and getting that uniqueness is possible for you if you observe lots of other artwork.

Art And Design CompetitionsJudges look for creativity as it is the soul when you are presenting your art and design to the audience. Without creativity your artwork can never get recognition. Your thoughts, ideas and the message that you want to convey must be presented in a perfect manner.

There are many branches in design such as graphic design, fashion design and many more. Entering into any type of design competition involves you to present your ideas in a perfect manner. The presentation is therefore an important part and you cannot ignore it. For example, if you are going for a fashion design competition then judges will look your ideas and creativity in the dress that you have designed. Your theme must get presented in the right way.

Get the rules and regulations of the competition in advance and follow them. In any competition judges always look that you have presented your art and design work as per the guidelines of the competition. If you have not followed the guidelines then there are chances that you work will face rejection? Therefore before entering into any such competition remember the rules.

Judges will look for the subjects and theme that you have chosen. You must know your objective whether making any artwork or any design. If you present your subject with a right concept then there are chances that you can win this type of competition. For example, in an art exhibition you can present any social issue in your art. Now it’s your way that how you present it and the audience and judges must understand that what message you want to convey through the art.

Judges in any art and design competition will look for presentation and how you have expressed your ideas.They always look for perfect art and design work.

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