What Australia is Famous For

Posted on: 22nd October 2013


Diverse landscape settings, rugged and dangerous terrain, and a plethora of outdoor activities make Australia a paradise haven for adventure seekers. Whether you are a water sports buff or a hiking enthusiast, you are in for plenty of surprises during your adventure travel in Australia.


For those who cannot get enough of the sun, sea, and sand – you can go jet skiing, speed boating, kayaking, wakeboarding, wind surfing, and much more. Your wet and wild adventure in Australia would also not be complete without a scuba diving trip on the Great Barrier Reef.


AustraliaAfter peeling your eyes off the azure waters, climb the Blue Mountain as well as the Ayers Rock. Pack up your bags and explore the majestic outdoors. You can also go biking or caving, if you are up for more challenges.


Whether you want to traverse the rural setting or just roam around the urban sceneries, you can either visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. The list of adventurous activities during your Australian getaway is endless.


Check out Tasmania during your Australian adventure travel. One of the most spectacular spots here is at Freycinet Peninsula – the Wineglass Bay. Though it is about a three-hour drive from Hobart, it would all be worth it. The perfect symmetry of the bay glitters brightly under the sun – you cannot help but just go barefoot along its calm shores.


And then there is the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. About a century ago, its harsh landscape settings are a woe even for the determined explorers. Even now that there are better facilities and good roads, you could still sense that ancient ruggedness and wonders of Flinders. Do not miss the Wilpena Pound during your outdoor adventure in Australia, which can be easily reached from the quaint town of Hawker. As the most prestigious landmark in the Flinders Ranges, it came into existence after the earth shifting more than 500 million years ago although some have mistakenly assumed that this natural amphitheatre is the remains of a dead volcano.


After catching your breath, head out to the Daintree Wilderness in the northern part of Queensland. Situated within the Cape Tribulation, this World Heritage protected site is about 100 million years of age, which makes it one of the oldest rainforests on the planet. If you want an adrenaline-pumping Australian adventure, this is the place to be. Just make sure you won’t be some crocodile’s next meal.


Don’t stop yet because you haven’t seen what is in Exmouth yet. Located on the westernmost region of Australia, this former pearling town is home to the largest fringing reef in the world – the gorgeous Ningaloo Reef. Well, aside from the highly prominent reef system in Australia - the Great Barrier Reef - Ningaloo Reef is also a beauty to behold. If you still have the energy to spend, do not miss the Cape Range National Park. Commune with nature and revitalize your senses as you explore the stunning surroundings of the park. All these and more are awaits you if you visit the land down under.

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