What Apple Got Right With its iPhone 5s and iOS 7

Posted on: 29th November 2013

Most of the complaints we’ve got from Apple users who downloaded the new iOS 7 is the motion sickness that can be attributed to the new interface. But let’s take a look at some of the things that the iPhone 5s and the iOS 7 nailed it right.

We have the 64-bit support on the A7 chip. It’s not a relatively new technology since desktop computers have been using it before but Apple is the first to bring it for use in a mobile device. It’s about time actually but what is quite satisfying about it is that it can take on more than 4 GB of RAM.

And then, there’s the fact that iOS 7 runs on a 64-bit environment upon its launch, without any glitch – that is really impressive.

iPhone 5s and iOS 7It says a lot about the technical prowess of people at Apple and the quality of their project management capability.
The other thing that Apple hits bull’s eye is having MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) that would enable users to utilize several IP addresses simultaneously.

This might be a trivial matter but before you dismiss it lightly, take a look at the present situation. If you want to have Internet access, your smartphone or tablet can only use either the Wi-Fi connection or the cellular data network – not at the same time. If you’re sending a message, downloading an app, or transmitting data, you would get frustrated if it would fail to arrive or unable to reach completion. The thing is, your smartphone or tablet has no capacity to take advantage of other connections available because of the above mentioned limitation.

Through the MultiPath TCP (MPTCP), your iPhone can automatically use other potential connections should your first choice of connection fails to do the required task. That is another brilliant technical development that Apple has brought to us. Using this protocol can be done by communicating with Siri.

Of course, we wouldn’t have to mention a better camera, a faster processor, and the unique fingerprint sensor. Though the iPhone 5s is like a carbon copy of its predecessor on the outside, there’s more than meets the eye and Apple has definitely proven so underneath its hood.


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